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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a 3 Now account?

We'd love to have you on board! Follow these simple steps to open an account:



Alternatively via the app:


Download the 3Now application for Android and iOS from your App Store. Open the app and tap on "Register". Follow the simple instructions and you are ready to use 3Now!

What information is required when registering an account?

When you create an account with 3 Now, we collect the information you provide, such as your name, email address, phone number and date of birth. You can also make other arrangements for us.

How do we use your data?

We use your personal data to :


To provide customer support, improve our platform and ensure the safety of the 3 Now platform and its users.

What useful experiences does the 3 Now platform offer you?

You can:


Verify your identity and maintain your account and settings

Connect to your rides and track their progress.

Process payments and calculate prices

Collect feedback on your experiences.

How can I see my reservations?

You can check the active 3 Now reservations quickly and easily via our app.

What can I do if I was dissatisfied with the driver?

When you are finished with a trip you can contact us and explain what went wrong. Provide us with the trip details so we can check which driver you had. We will investigate your case and get back to you.

What can I do if the app doesn't read my location correctly?

When you order your 3 Now, the most reliable way to enter your pick-up point is to either enter an address or search by place name.

What if I don't come to the pickup point?

If your driver arrives at the pick-up point and cannot find you there, he will wait for you for 5 minutes. He will then try to contact you, but if he has not received any further instructions from you, he will leave. In this case, you will be charged the minimum price.


If you find that you cannot get to the pick up time, the best thing to do is to call the driver and tell them where you are so they can pick you up. Your location will become the new pick-up point. Note that the price of your trip may be affected.

How is the fare approved for the trip?

Once you order a car from our company, you implicitly agree to the fare charged by the site or application.

Is there an additional cost to the price shown on the app or website?

No, we are obligated not to charge any additional fees under any circumstances except for traffic fees imposed on some roads.   

Is there a discount on the price of rides in some cases?

Yes, if the passenger brings other passengers, he is entitled to get a discount on the price set for him, and if he invites a friend to use the application and that friend makes at least two trips, he is entitled to get a reward amount added to his wallet as well as every friend who accepts his invitation and makes two trips.

What countries and cities is 3NOW available in?

At the moment, our services are available in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Germany, and the cities in the three countries currently mentioned in which we provide our .services are limited to Cairo, Dubai and Dollsdorf, with a new list to be joined by cities and countries soon

Can I order more than one car on the same day?

Oui, vous pouvez, mais une fois votre trajet dans l'une des voitures terminé, vous pouvez en commander un autre.

Can I cancel a flight after booking online?

Yes, but you cannot cancel the reservation in advance booking less than six hours before the appointment, otherwise the deducted fare will be due, but in the case of immediate reservation, it can be canceled before the arrival of the driver.

Is the price of the journey different on the same day?

Yes, peak times and traffic congestion require a fare increase due to the length of time the journey will take.

Can I tip the driver , for his special service?

Yes, undoubtedly, and the tip is given directly or through the driver's evaluation page, and this tip is not entered on the invoice given showing transportation fees.

Can I get an invoice for the fare I paid?

Yes you can and you can find it in the application interface after the trip is over.

Can I request a specific driver through the application or communicate with the company?

No, the application will forward your request to the nearest driver.

Can I bring pets on board your company's cars?

Yes, you can, but try as much as possible to keep the car clean.

Can I stop multiple times during one trip?

Yes you can, but the downtime should not exceed three minutes at a time and only twice.

What is the maximum number of packages I can ship through your company?

You can ship a weight of no more than 30 kg.

Is there an upper limit for the value of the goods to be shipped?

Yes, the price of the shipment should not exceed 600 euros in Europe, and 150 euros or its equivalent in Arab countries.

Does your company pack and seal packages to be shipped?

No, this is the responsibility of the sender, and the parcel must be ready for dispatch.

Are there items prohibited to be shipped through your company?

Yes, the ban includes medicines, alcoholic beverages, drugs, firearms, and any illegal or dangerous substances in any way.

How is the payment process by the user?

This is done in one of four ways: cash, wallet, credit card (more than one credit card can be used), and PayPal account.

Can the user charge his wallet؟

Yes, using a paypal account, or by credit card.

Can the user choose more than one destination (access point)?

Yes, he can, as he can stop for a certain period of time, then continue his journey, so that his journey in this case will be in two stages.

Will I be notified that the access point I selected is unavailable?

Yes, a message will appear telling you that the address you have chosen is not available or that the selected city is not supported by the application.

Can I save multiple favorite titles within the application options?

Yes, sure, in order to make it easier to know the addresses and locations of frequent destinations such as home, work or others, and you can delete your favorite addresses at any time you want.

Can I amend my information via the site?

Yes, by clicking on the Settings option, then modifying the profile, where user information such as photo, name, surname, email and phone number will appear.

Can I cancel the scheduled flight and get the fare refunded?

.Yes, you can, but the cancellation must be made at least six hours before the appointment, otherwise you will not be able to get the fare refunded

Can I send the parcel later?

Yes, through the "Scheduled Shipping Trips" option. When you click on a delivery request, you will see the order details such as the order date, driver's name, fare, address, and vehicle type

Can I cancel a scheduled parcel shipment request?

.Yes, but the cancellation must be made at least six hours before the appointment, otherwise you will not be entitled to a refund

Can I evaluate the driver?

Yes, you can, after the flight is over, and through the rating panel you can pay a "tip" tip to the driver, among the multiple options below the rating.

Can I change the starting point?

Yes, you can, and you can change it only two.

What are the additional services that the customer can get?

Child seat, where the request for the first seat is free, and what is more than that is rented, and writing the user's name on a sign to receive someone at the airport.

What information should the parcel sender enter through the application?

The name, phone number and address of the addressee in detail, and we will send a pin code to the addressee, to ensure that the parcel reaches the right person, provided that the sender indicates that this parcel contains breakable items.

Why is the payment declined?

If you see one of the following messages, you won't be able to request a ride, until you update your payment method:


Request Failed: The card has been rejected.


- Payment method is invalid, please update your billing settings


- An error occurred while executing your request.



Therefore, you have to update the payment method by adding a credit card, cash payment, or paypal payment,



Collection takes place six hours before the scheduled stage time, and after the trip ends on direct request. 



How do I add a credit or debit card manually?

After opening the main page, you will choose the destination, then order a car, and you will see the wallet and voucher icons, and by choosing one of these two icons, you will see adding a credit card, and here you have to follow the following steps:


1- Enter the card number.


2- Enter the expiration date.


3- Enter the card verification number (cvv), which appears on the back of the card.


4- Click on Confirm.

Why can't I request a journey?

:You may not be able to request a journey for one of the following reasons


1- You have due payments.


2- Payment is refused.


3- 3now services are not available in your location: the service may be unavailable at the meeting point, and it may not be available at the destination location, and you will see a message that the services are not available at this location.


4- There are no drivers in your vicinity, and here you have to wait for a few minutes, and then try again.


5- Your phone number is not confirmed, and here you need to update your account settings.


In the event that you do not have any of these problems, and you still cannot request a trip, you can email us at: to help you solve the problem.

I forgot my phone in one of the company's transportation, what can I do?

1- If something like this happened to you, and you were unable to access your account at 3now, you should email us at, mentioning all the information you mention about the trip, trying to specify the exact time and date, and mention any Other details that enable us to know the driver and the car, and do not forget to mention a phone number to contact you, to inform you directly of everything new, or ask the driver to contact you and coordinate with you to retrieve your phone, or any other item that

you forgot in the transportation.


2- In the event that the trip was requested by another person, this person must access the trip information from the My trips tab, and send that information to the email mentioning the phone number belonging to him, or to the person for whom he requested the trip, to be Coordination with the driver to recover the phone or any other lost items.


In order to return the lost items, you must pay a new journey fee, from the driver's location to your location to hand you the phone or other lost items, with the need to wait for him if he has other obligations.


- With all that, the company does not guarantee the return of the lost things because it does not guarantee that the driver will find the lost things, especially if he takes new orders long after the end of your journey, with the company doing everything possible to return the lost things to you by the possible means.



How do I report an accident, and what should I do?

- In the event that you have an accident on board our cars or because of it we wish you and the rest of the passengers safety, and we advise you first and foremost to contact the police and ambulance crew immediately to take the necessary measures, and we ask you to inform us of the accident information and all the details available to you via e-mail, until We can provide urgent assistance to you, please include the following information:


1-The date of the accident.


2-The time of the accident.


3-The site of the accident.


4- Were you a passenger or walking on the street?


5- Are there serious injuries?


6- How did the accident happen?


7- Available photos or videos of the accident.


8- Your phone number, with all personal information.


9- Flight details if you are a passenger.


10- License plate number.

The driver was driving recklessly and at high speed:


If you notice that a driver is driving unsafely, please let us know and, if possible, determine why the driver is behaving in this way, such as feeling sleepy, drunk, talking on the phone, or driving at high speed. Or bypass red traffic lights or race with other vehicles on the same road.


We hope that you will send us all the information, including the complete flight information, including your phone number, to


If you have an accident as a result of this behaviour, please follow the steps in the previous paragraph.


Improper driver behavior:


Please inform us of all the details about the trip, the behavior of the driver and the circumstances of the incident. In the event that the driver’s misbehavior is confirmed, it is possible to compensate the passenger, or deduct an amount from the trip fare, and punish the offending driver.




The preceding paragraph applies to the driver's behavior as follows:


1- Explicit sexual behaviour.


2- Aggressive acts, threats with weapons, verbal threats, verbal insults, etc.


3- Preventing the passenger from getting out of the car.


4- Calling the passenger after the end of the trip for a reason outside the framework of the trip.


5- Sexual harassment.


If the driver does any of the above, please inform us via email




If this act was made by another passenger while on a joint flight, please also inform us of the following information:


Your phone number.


The name of the offending passenger, if you know him.


- The date of the accident.


- The time of the accident.


-     The accident location.


Vehicle license plate.


Determine the type of problem.

How does 3NOW work?

3NOW is a technology platform that provides delivery service between drivers and passengers.


At the bottom left of the screen is an icon that includes one of four options:


1- Scheduled postal service (postponed to a later time).


2- Express postal service (you can request it immediately).


3- Request for a scheduled flight (postponed to a later time).


4- Request an instant flight.


In the lower center of the screen there are two icons:


1- Pick up point: where you can meet the driver.


2- Access Point: Any destination you want to reach.


Above these two boxes you will find three icons:


1- Icon in the form of a bag (workplace).


2- An icon in the form of a house (the place of the house).


3- (+) icon to add a new site.




You can enter more than one destination by pressing (+) at the bottom right of the screen.


After that we can choose a car.


After choosing the car, you will find two payment methods: cash payment and electronic payment.




At the bottom right of the screen, you'll find a calendar-shaped icon that you use to request a scheduled flight.


Finally, you have to click (Order Now).


You will see a message: The trip has been confirmed, wait for the driver.


You can cancel the trip by clicking on the (Cancel) button shown below, provided that you specify the reason for cancellation.

Is there a specific size for postal parcels?

The combined dimensions of the parcels should not exceed 120*60*60 cm as a maximum.

When should I contact the carrier?

You must inform the transport company of your intention to move 8 weeks before the desired moving date.Therefore, before the start of the transfer process, you do not enter into any payments or obligations and you will receive a non-binding offer, the rejection of which will not incur any costs.


What information does the furniture moving company need to prepare the offer?

The quantity to be transported, the methods of transport, the presence of elevators or stairs, the packaging materials required, the conditions of disassembly and reassembly, the work of packing and unloading and the distance between the places of transportation and moving.

In order for us to make a suitable offer for you, you must specify the number of rooms, boxes and sizes in an approximate manner, or send pictures and videos of the furniture to be moved or fill out an online form.


When should I start packing and moving furniture?

The better you prepare, the more time you'll have to sit back and relax on moving day.

At least two weeks before you move, you should sort the things you use and don't use in order to make it easier for you to move, and prepare the most important things the day before you leave, up to 15 boxes.


Where can I get the boxes?

We can provide you with high quality funds for rent or purchase. Try to take care of the quality here, as this box is the most important thing in the subject of protection during transport, the boxes must be fixed on the ground and transportable, and each box must not weigh more than 25 kg.


We will deliver enough packaging materials to you in due course. If you don't need everything, we'll of course return the material on the day of the transition.

What to consider when filling boxes?

We recommend that moving boxes not be filled to their edges, each cardboard box must not exceed a maximum of 25 kg.


Place heavy objects at the bottom and light objects at the top. Boxes packed with Chinese glass or porcelain and crockery should be well padded, it is best to use appropriate protective materials and try to exclude newspaper papers with limited protection, newspapers can be affected by moisture and ink leaks into crockery.

What is the easiest way to secure a truck parking space?

You can obtain a permit for a temporary no-parking area from the Tourist Office, and the company will provide you with the appropriate signs. Please pay attention to submit in time..

Please submit the application at least 5 days before you move in rural areas, but if you live in the city center, you must submit the application at least 14 days in advance.


What are the limits of the transport company's responsibility towards customers?

The company bears responsibility for the damages resulting from the loss or damage of the goods during the dismantling, transportation and installation works.

The company's liability in the event of loss or damage is limited to 620 euros per cubic meter of loading space necessary for the performance of the contract.

In the event of exceeding the delivery time, the liability of the Company shall be limited to three times the amount of the freight if it is responsible for the breach of the contract relating to the performance of the contractual obligation to repair the damage that does not result from the loss or damage to the goods or the exceeding of the delivery time, and if the damage does not fall under the heading of damage that Damaging property or causing personal injury, in which case liability is limited to three times the amount to be paid in case of loss of goods.


What is the basis for estimating compensation for losses in the event of damage to goods?

If the goods are damaged and the responsibility lies with the furniture moving company, the value must be compensated at the place and time of acceptance of the transportation.

The difference between the value of the undamaged goods and the value of the damaged goods must be paid based on the value of the commodity at the place and time of the damage, as the value of the commodity is determined by the market price.


When is the transport company exempted from its responsibility towards customers?

The furniture moving company shall be absolved from liability if the loss, damage or exceeding the delivery date is due to an unavoidable circumstance, which the furniture company could not avoid even with its utmost care.


Are there special reasons to exempt the carrier from liability or damage?

Yes, there are special reasons for excluding liability or damage:

1- The furniture transport company shall be exempted from liability if the loss is a result of the transportation and storage of precious metals, jewellery, precious stones, or

Money, stamps, coins, securities, or documents.

2- The company is also exempted in the event of insufficient packing boxes or packing materials by the customer if the latter is committed under the contract for packing.

3- It is also exempted in the event that the customer handles, loads or unloads the goods if he is contractually bound to do so.

4- The company is not responsible for the goods transported in containers or stored in the company's warehouses, if they are not packed by the furniture moving company.

5- Loading or unloading goods whose size or weight does not correspond to the space available at the point of loading or unloading, provided that the furniture transport company warns the customer of the risks of damage with prior notice, and yet the customer insists on performing the service.

. 6- The same applies in the case of transporting and storing live animals and plants

7- The normal or defective state of the goods, which means that they are particularly vulnerable to damage due to their particular nature, particularly through breakage, malfunction, rust, internal damage or leakage.

8- If damage occurs which, according to the circumstances of the case, may have arisen from one of the risks listed under 1 to 7. It is assumed that the damage arose from this risk, and the company cannot invoke special reasons for exemption from liability unless it has taken All the procedures entrusted to her under the special circumstances and she followed the instructions.

9- The warehouse keeper is not responsible for damages caused by nuclear and radioactive energy or radioactive materials.


Is it possible to insure goods beyond the legal insurance limit?

It is possible to insure goods outside the scope of legal liability at the request of the customer and against the payment of additional fees, in which case the moving or storage insurance will be obtained by the moving company.

What are the procedures for reporting damage and damage resulting from the transportation process?

1- Apparent damage and loss of goods must be accurately recorded on the delivery receipt or damage report upon delivery.

Such damage or loss must be reported to the removal company in detail in text form (email, letter, fax).

no later than the next day.

2- Damages and losses that are not visible from outside must be reported to the moving company within 14 days of delivery, also in detail in the form of a text message.

3- In the event that compensation for damages and losses is not claimed within the periods specified above, the right to compensation claims shall be forfeited.

4- The period for notifying the company by the client of any claims must not exceed 21 days from the date of completion of the transfer process, under penalty of losing the claim to meet the deadlines.


How is the process of calculating transportation costs?

Our company will visit your old apartment, at your request, to find out the quantity and type of furniture you have, the amount and type of waste you want to dispose of, in addition to the expected transportation period, the distance between your old and new apartment, whether you want to store some furniture through us, and the amount of And the type of materials needed to pack and wrap the furniture, based on the foregoing, we will present to you a special non-binding offer for you, and with your approval, this offer becomes binding on us, and we will not charge you additional fees, unless you violate the terms of the contract, such as changing your destination, or increasing the amount of furniture to be moved. and so on.


How are transportation fees paid?

You can pay in one of two ways, cash payment, and payment through a bank account.

Cash payment is on the day of the transfer, and during the transfer process.

As for payment by bank account, it is done in advance, before starting the transfer process.

Note: If the transfer takes place outside Berlin, the transfer fee must be paid before starting the transfer process.


How much does it cost to set up a no-stop zone?

The exact cost cannot be determined, but it depends on the size of the no-stop area, which is usually between 5-25 meters in length, and also depends on the time needed to complete the transfer process.




There are also rental fees for traffic lights, and for the official permit (approval) to establish this area.




The costs range from approximately 50-100 euros.

When can a no-stop zone be created?

It is important to inform the residents of the area to be moved from or to, the process of establishing this area in advance, so that they can get their cars out of the exclusion zone easily and easily, and to be prepared for it.


Therefore, a request to establish a non-stop zone must be submitted two weeks before the transfer process, and the necessary traffic signals should be placed at least 4 days before the transfer process.

Is it possible to charge additional fees after agreeing on the transport fares?

Once we have made the offer and agreed to it and signed the contract, no additional fees will be charged for the transportation process, unless you have other additional requests, outside the scope of the agreement, such as modifying some of the terms (such as a request for lift, storage, or change of destination of transportation).

Do you have a piano transfer service?

Yes, we have a team of skilled workers experienced in moving sensitive machinery.


The piano transportation service includes packing it in a way that preserves it, and saves it from scratching and shocks as it is a sensitive instrument, even insurance, necessary advice, and reasonable competitive price, with the possibility of depositing the piano in a safe and appropriate storage, pending the transfer process.



The piano does not have to be transported alone, you can move other cartons, pillows, or bedding, which will keep the piano from shaking or scratching, and saves you some expenses.