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privacy policy




3NOW is one of the world's leading companies whose policies comply with internationally followed standards, and whose privacy policy seeks to gain the trust of our valued customers. That is why our company has set provisions for its privacy policy, which includes how the data of its customers is used, collected, used, exchanged and shared and the rights assigned to the masters Customers and ways of accessing information, as well as ways of communicating with the company, receiving feedback and expressing opinions in accordance with our company’s transparency policy.




General principles:


3NOW is committed to ensuring the protection of all personal data and data privacy for the honorable gentlemen and all users of our services displayed on the website, mobile applications, and other social media associated with the company that provide offers and services in accordance with the general practices followed, and in accordance with the legal obligations placed on the company .


This privacy policy states the rights of honorable customers, with regard to data collection, analysis, exchange and even sharing with a third party, within specific standards and controls, that may be dictated by security imperatives, such as the process of pursuing suspicious activities by security and police services, or for the issuance of a court ruling requiring the lifting of confidentiality about Data of some users in order to investigate the existence of suspicions, bearing in mind that the company is doing everything in its power to protect customer and user data from piracy and penetration, or data access to an unauthorized third party, or to receive user data and information, and this policy extends to all files Cookies on all company websites and applications.


Pillars of the Privacy Policy:


Adopting the principle of transparency and collecting the necessary data, which we will address in a later paragraph of this policy, and the purpose of collecting this data is to provide services clearly and transparently, and to enable optimal access to them.


- The right to revise or amend the privacy policy from time to time, provided that such changes shall enter into force immediately after notifying the customers of such changes.


- The collection, processing and use of data may be carried out by an external data processor who does this on behalf of the company (such as providers of geolocation services, car locating), or any other service provider that the company may contract with in the context of improving the services or for the necessity of their implementation, provided that you comply with The company towards the customers, by asking them to maintain the confidentiality of the data, and not to provide it to other parties, in accordance with the policy in force, which is stipulated in the general policies and customs followed, and as stipulated in the terms of the agreement.




Persons involved in this policy:


All 3NOW customers are concerned with this policy, as it deals with their data, and also includes users of all social media of our company, including the company's website.


This policy specifically includes passengers, drivers and tourist establishments that provide their customers with a delivery service through us.




The rights of customers with regard to data collection and processing:




Taking prior consent: as the data will not be collected or processed without the express and prior consent of the user, with the exception of cases of extreme necessity dictated by urgent necessities, such as security necessities (finding the occurrence of crimes, cases of smuggling through the use of public roads, or cars). or misrepresentation of justice), and we have indicated that above.


2- Request to withdraw or revoke consent: The user can withdraw and revoke his consent to the collection, use and analysis of his data, by emailing us: in order to work directly to delete all data related to the user, with the exception of legal obligations, such as the issuance of a court ruling, for example By providing this data in implementation of this decision, however, there is no significant impact on the data collected and processed before applying for cancellation, and the user must know that, according to his decision to withdraw consent, he waives his right to any claim mentioned, against the company, whatever it may be. its source or cause.


3- The user’s right to correct and amend his data: as the user has the right to submit a request to correct the personal data related to him, for example, due to an error, for example, or as a result of a change in civil status, a change of sex, or a mismatch of the name mentioned on the personal documents with the authorized name, or a change Phone number or e-mail, and the data is corrected and modified directly, after sending us an e-mail to


4- Data transparency: where the user can know the type of data that the company is processing, which we will refer to in the subsequent items.


5- Protection of the data of minor children who are under the legal age (the age of legal capacity varies from one country to another), as the data of these children is not collected, or deleted directly, in the event of providing false data, or in the event of fraud or fraud, after their announcement Electronically stating that they are over the legal age, and the deletion of data in this case will be direct and without waiting for a request for removal, and parents and guardians can report the occurrence of such an order, by sending us an e-mail at



Who can see user data:


3NOW and the programmed company MO´s fahrdienst are the two entities authorized to access users' data, given that users' data passes through the servers of the two companies. 3NOW.


The personal information collected, analyzed and used is limited to the information that the Company needs to provide you with the services we provide within the scope of the work entrusted to it, while making every effort to protect the information of users and fulfill its obligations.


Access to your information is limited to employees and third parties who provide services related to the scope of the site's work, and use it for the purpose of improving the quality and smooth functioning of the services directed to users.




Third-party providers (such as payment service providers, such as banks, credit card providers or online payment providers, and website service providers) may view users' data in which case the user should check the relevant security terms and the relevant service provider and comply with relevant laws before using any third party services, and check the third party's privacy policy before providing the user with his personal information to them.






The third party may be a judicial body, and therefore the company is obliged to provide this third party with user data in any criminal or legal investigation or proceeding, all in accordance with the applicable law in the country and within the established procedures.




Data types:


- Personal data: It is the data provided by the user, during the creation of the account for the first time. This data includes the e-mail, full name, user name, user phone number and password.


- Payment information: such as the bank credit card number, its validity date and the name of the account holder.


- Demographic data: which can be used in database tables to find out the most used segment of our services, such as age, gender, and ethnicity.


-Device data and type.


- Geographical locations of users.


- Data related to the areas frequented by the user.


- Sensitive personal information regarding the user's health condition, in order to provide him with services commensurate with his condition. The information is used only to achieve this end and is deleted when the purpose for which the information was collected or processed ends.


- Contact information and ID number.


- The name of the Internet service provider.


-The user's IP address.


-Browser type.



Other data collected, used and analyzed:


- Flight information: information about the itinerary, dates and dates of upcoming flights or accommodation reservations, arrival or departure times from airports, rest and restaurants frequented by the passenger during their journey, and special requirements during the flight.


- Legal status of drivers: ensuring that drivers do not have criminal records, verifying the validity of their identification papers, including driving certificates, and reviewing traffic violations issued against drivers.


- The legal status of the passengers: in the event of doubt or suspicion, as a result of suspicious behavior, the personal cards of the passengers can be verified, in order to ensure the smooth running of the trip and the safety of drivers.


Drivers’ location data: includes trip tracking, safety standards, anti-fraud and law enforcement.


- Passenger location data: to determine the meeting points of drivers and passengers, facilitate delivery services, apply safety standards, combat fraud, and enforce laws.


Payment transactions.


Delivery service information.


- Exact service history.


Amounts deducted for the service.


- Method of payment and payment of wages.


Data of communications exchanged between drivers and passengers, including text messages, with accurate date and time determination to improve customer support services.


Insurance company data.


- Transport companies participating in the company's services.


- Emergency services such as data given to the police, firefighters and others in the event of accidents on the road.




The purpose of personal data collection:


1- Providing the best transportation, shipping and delivery services.


2- Carrying out statistics that aim to improve the quality of service in line with the nature of the target segment, in line with the laws in force, and facilitating the appropriate service.


3- Providing technical support to customers.


4- Ensuring the safety of users and reassuring them about the services provided to them in terms of safety and gaining their trust.


5- Developing services and identifying the main needs of customers with regard to the services provided by the company.


6- Providing means of communication between users to exchange opinions and benefit from them in overcoming the difficulties they may encounter in receiving the company's services.


7- Suggesting restaurants and restrooms for passengers and choosing restrooms that contain facilities for children, pregnant women or nursing mothers, or restaurants and facilities that are commensurate with the age or health status of the passenger.


8- Follow-up and implementation of payments.



Protection of the user's personal information and privacy:




1- 3NOW takes all technical and technical measures adopted to protect the user's personal information from penetration, loss, alteration, theft or access by unauthorized third parties.


2- The Company will not sell, share, transfer or use the user's data for purposes other than those expressly stated in the body of this privacy policy.


3- The Company deletes personal user information when the purpose for which the information was collected or processed has ended, or if the applicable information protection rules require the deletion of such personal information.


4- However, it will be emphasized that the company will not be liable for any damage or loss resulting from improper use or any breach of security procedures resulting in the destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access of your personal information.




Cookie Policy:




This policy applies to the way the Company collects and stores information through cookies, through the Company's websites, applications, and other electronic interfaces.


By using the Company's website, you are giving your consent to this cookie policy.




Cookie: A small file sent from a website and stored by your web browser. The information in the cookie is used to determine the last access to the site.


Rest assured that cookies cannot install malware on your device.




The purpose of the use of cookies:


Cookies are used to maintain and maintain specific user settings and preferences while browsing the site and to improve the user experience, if they repeatedly use the site's services (such as geographic location, accessibility and language).




 Choice of accepting or rejecting cookies:


When visiting 3NOW's website and applications for the first time, the user will be given the choice to accept or decline the use of cookies.


If the user refuses cookies, he can use the websites and applications, but his use of some features may be limited or unavailable.


The user can enable "Do Not Track" or the so-called "Privacy Mode" which are functions that allow users to opt out of website tracking for any purpose, including the use of analytics services, ad networks and social platforms.




If the user has enabled the "Don't Follow" function in the browser, they will not be tracked.


This is in addition to its exit from the set of information about the statistics of sites and applications.




Categories of cookies used:




Performance cookies: These cookies allow publishers to track the behavior of site visitors, measure site performance and improve user experience.


Functional cookies: They are used to customize the Site for personal use using the preferences the user chooses, such as setting their own language preferences.


Targeting cookies: These cookies help track ads that are relevant to user trends.




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